Troubleshooting Tips: Wall Outlet Not Working Properly

Don't let this happen to you!

One of the most common situations homeowners are faced with is when they discover they have an outlet not working properly. This is a common problem that usually has a very simple solution, and homeowners may be able to troubleshoot the source of why a power outlet is not working.

Identifying Which Outlets are Affected

After a homeowner discovers that they have a wall outlet not working properly, they should do an assessment to determine if there are any other outlets that may be affected. The simplest way to discover if there is more than one electrical outlet not working is to use a voltage tester to check for electrical current in each outlet throughout the home. Those who do not have a voltage tester handy can use a small lamp. They can simply plug the lamp into every outlet and see which ones work, and which ones don't.

Each time a homeowner discovers an outlet not working, they should mark the broken ones so as to be able to test them again after troubleshooting the problem.

Checking the Circuit Breakers

The next step in determining why a plug is not working is to check the circuit breakers, which are located inside the main electrical panel. Locating tripped circuit breakers is relatively easy - Homeowners can simply look at each of the breaker handles and if there is one that is not in line with the rest, it is most likely the reason that a plug is not working.

Homeowners should push the tripped breaker into the 'off' position, and then again into the 'on' position. If the breaker stays in the 'on' position, then any plug not working earlier should be working as soon as breaker has been reset.

When to Call an Electrician

In the event that the breaker pops back into the 'off' position after being reset, there is most likely a bigger problem as to why a plug is not working properly. Likewise, if an outlet is not working, breaker not tripped and no other obvious cause can be found, it is best to seek the help of a professional.

When simple assessments yield no results as to why a power outlet is not working, DFW electrical professionals Martin Electrical can determine the cause, as well as provide an affordable solution.

No matter why an electrical outlet is not working, Dallas-Fort Worth residents can rely on Martin Electrical to fix the problem, saving them from the hassles and dangers of attempting to repair the problem themselves. No matter if it's an indoor or outdoor electrical outlet not working properly, the electricians at Martin Electrical can have the outlet repaired in no time.

After being unable to determine the cause of a plug not working, Fort Worth Texas residents can call Martin Electrical to schedule a service call at (817) 506-4300. Likewise, if the repair seems too dangerous for an outlet not working, Fort Worth residents can have Martin Electrical's experienced master electricians perform the repairs on any outlet throughout their home.

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